I am always amazed at how complex, courageous and individual we humans are. There is so much stress in our lives that we can barely cope. We certainly don’t always have the time to pay attention to - or even hear -our inner guidance. The reality of life is such that people walk around asleep to both their potential and their joy.

We are often at the mercy of our life experience, our forgotten childhood programing, past life cellular memory and morphogenetic fields that bombard us daily.

We spend a lifetime being told what to FEAR, what COULD happen and what could go WRONG. Is it any wonder that we so often feel unfulfilled and powerless?


Forest Path

Everyone has gifts and is a unique light in this world with a purpose and the ability to live life fully and in joy. It is my purpose and my pleasure to help individuals find their answers, their direction, their purpose and their joy. I have clients who have never been to a Psychic Healer before and are simply curious while others are in a crisis or transition period in their lives. Still others need confirmation that they are making the right decisions.

Ask and ye shall receive seems to be the thing that all seekers have in common, but struggle with making their desires reality. When we ask questions with open minds and hearts, the answers are always given. We don't always hear the guidance given.

That is my purpose...to give you those answers, clarify those directions and help you learn to find those answers within yourself.


  1. There are a lot of psychics and healers out there and everyone approaches things differently. I do not use cards. I respect card readers. I prefer to talk directly with Spirit only because, for me, I get more accuracy. My job as a psychic, as I see it, is to offer you clarity, accuracy, context and wisdom in a gentle but forthright manner. I do you no service telling you what you want to hear if it is not truth. I offer guidance on connecting you with your guides and inner knowing. I believe I am doing my job right when you no longer need me!

    My role as a medium is to offer you detailed messages from your loved ones who have crossed over. I will name names and try to be as specific as I can. When receiving and relaying the communication from the other side, it is my hope that you can use the information to heal and find peace as well as a profound level of peace when you realize you are never alone.

    As a healer, I have the ability to see the ways in which you are sabotaging yourselves and limiting your potential. I am trained in and offer several healing modalities that clear, transmute and remove these old programs, perceptions, fears and beliefs. When you clear all the old traumas and limitations you are free to create the texture of your life without experiencing blockages. You are then free to become the fullness of your being and live the life you came to create.

"Expect the unexpected" - Thoreau

Forest Path